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Therapy Pets:
Benefits of Pets Visiting Nursing Homes

  • Facilitate human contacts; people become more social, interactive with other people, and verbal.
  • People smile more.
  • People's need to nurture is fulfilled.
  • Provides stimulation.
  • Physical therapy:
      -Motivate walking
      -Petting an animal is better than physical therapy for arthritic fingers and much more enjoyable.
  • More positive response than to arts and crafts or visitors coming in to visit for the day.
  • Assist in recall of memories and help sequence temporal events in patients with head injuries or chronic degenerative diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer's disease.
  • Stress Relief.
  • Combat depression.
  • Something to look forward to - often a visit with a pet is the high point in a shut-ins day, bringing happiness and a sense of well being.
  • Improved psychological well-being.
  • Improves rehabilitation process: in the length of stay, physical and psychological attitudes.
  • Alzheimer's patients have fewer anxious outbursts.

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