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creative portfolio Creative is not limited to tangible ads, printed collateral, commercials or websites. Often a good idea is manifested in a new marketing strategy or the development of a company's "corporate voice." By working closely with clients, we've helped define strategic direction, new products and/or services, and simple solutions such as a well worded cover letter.

For example, in 1993, we were helping to position WovenHearts assisted living in the consumer's consciousness. Our target audience was both older adults and their caregiving children. Prior to the introduction of assisted living, consumers had only two choices; either independent living or nursing home care. Assisted living was not an option readily considered when time came to make a "change of life" living decision. In fact, at the time, there was not even a yellow pages listing for assisted living facilities (also, for a brief period of time in 1995, WovenHearts was the only assisted living listing on the Alta Vista* search engine). We proceeded to position WovenHearts as "Bridging the gap between independent living and nursing home care." We used this tag line on all newspaper ads, radio commercials, tv ads and print collateral. Using media that would allow for ample coverage and frequency, the message resonated with the consumers, and since, the language has been emulated by numerous other assisted living homes.

Then, because an assisted living facility's revenue potential is limited to the number of residents they can accommodate, we developed a revenue enhancing strategy that would allow a facility to leverage their "brick and mortar" location, contacts and expertise to provide services to others within the community. This service was called WovenCare and also acted as a feeder for potential new residents.

* At the time, Alta Vista was the largest and most popular Internet search engine

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